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Feeding Fixer Course

(Coming Soon!)

Overcome feeding challenges!

The feeding fixer course offers you a functional and integrative approach to identifying and understanding feeding challenges.  This is a self-paced course that provides valuable resources to support you on this journey.  The course focuses on four primary areas to fix and improve feeding, fixing the nutrition, fixing the gut, fixing the nervous system and fixing the behaviors.  

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The Course 


Fix The Diet

Understand the nutritional related factors that can contribute to feeding challenges.  This can include nutrient deficiencies, negative food reactions and general nutrition principles.   


Fix The Gut 

Gut-related issues play a significant role in feeding dysfunction.  By addressing any imbalances in the gut, GI symptoms can improve as well as behaviors related to feeding.  


Fix The Nervous System 

The nervous system plays a foundational role in the regulation of feeding.  It directly connects to gut function, can influence appetite, and plays a role in feeding behaviors.  


Fix The Behaviors

Learning the skills, habits and structure for ideal feeding is important.  This applies a lot to children eating orally, but also enterally fed children that are looking to improve their relation with food and sensory exposure.  

Who is this course for?

  • Parents or caregivers of children struggling with feeding challenges such as:

    • Not tolerating feeds

    • Chronic vomiting

    • GI symptoms, such as reflux, constipation, delayed gastric empyting 

    • Volume intolerance

    • Picky eating

    • Food aversions

    • Mealtime battles

  • Individuals with digestive issues or gut-related concerns seeking dietary solutions for improved gut health and overall wellness.

  • Those looking to understand the connection between nutrition, the nervous system, and behavior, and how they influence each other.

  • Parents or caregivers looking for a functional approach to addressing feeding concerns.  

  • Families getting ready for an intensive feeding therapy program.  

Joy of Harvest

Coming Summer 2024 

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