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Feeding Fixer Intensive Program

(Coming Soon!) 

The Program Includes:

Feeding Fixer orange icon with fork and syringe

Feeding Fixer Course

To support diet, gut health, nervous system and behaviors

Feeding Fixer blue icon with fork and syringe

Safe & Sound Program 

To support nervous system regulation 

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1:1 Nutrition Counseling

To provide individualized support to address health needs 

Baking Together

1:1 Nutrition Counseling

Our 1:1 nutrition support offers personalized guidance tailored to each child's unique needs and challenges. Through individual sessions, we will work closely with you to develop customized diet support, supplement interventions and lab testing recommendations to identify and address any root causes factors contributing to feeding challenges.   

The Feeding Fixer Intensive Program Includes: 

  • Initial consultation 

  • 2 (Check Ins, 15 mins)

  • 2 follow up visits (1 hr each) 

  • Unlimited e-mail and messaging support throughout the program 

Safe & Sound Program

Regulating the nervous system is an important part of the feeding fixer intensive protocol.  This is an element that is often overlooked, but should not be underemphasized.  The safe and sound program is a listening system that helps to activate the vagus nerve in children, which balances the nervous system.  

Benefits from the safe and sound program:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety around feeding 

  • Activate the rest and digest part of the nervous system

  • Reduce negative associations around feeding

  • Improve gut function

Child Counseling
Eating Breakfast

Feeding Fixer Course 

To support you on this feeding journey, we have created a course to help! This course focused on improving 4 different areas:

  • Fix the Nutrition

  • Fix the Gut

  • Fix the Nervous System

  • Fix the Behaviors

The course provides valuable areas to support the main factors contributing to feeding challenges.  You can find tips, tricks, recipes, and more! 

This program is best for:

  • Children starting an intensive feeding therapy program 

  • Children in outpatient feeding therapy

  • Children who are experiencing feeding challenges, such as difficulty tolerating feeds

  • Children who are experiencing poor growth or failure to thrive 

  • Children who have tried "all the things" but are still having trouble 

  • Children who are transitioning from G-tube to Oral feeds

  • Children who are experiencing GI dysfunction that contributes to feeding issues

  • Families looking for the root cause factors contributing to feeding dysfunction

  • Families seeking more natural and integrative approaches to managing care 

  • Families who would like 1:1 support with the benefit of additional resources and the targeted program for vagus nerve stimulation (Safe and sound).  

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